Fri 25th Aug 2017 - 2:31pm News

For a brand new organisation, a shot at stability means the world to them. With no surprise, Lynx has been slowly updating their general outlook in the very competitive and fast moving industry.

The very first change can be seen with the general outlook of their social media sites that all of them recently received a banner update. The representation of a brand is been a fairly important factor to most organisations surviving and looking at the top organisations in Oceania and around the world, it clearly reflects why. 

Next on the board has been a new website that has recently gone live and is now the go to site for the Lynx organisation. The site can be considered a large scale upgrade from the one that was used previously. 

Apart from this, some other changes are rumoured to be in the making. On the website, you are able to clearly see that Lynx is opening up their search into other eSport games allowing them a move that will represent their growth. It will definitely be interesting to see what teams they acquire and their expected growth as they continue forward.

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

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