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Sun 3rd Sep 2017 - 9:06am Gaming

Intense, jaw-dropping and exciting. These are three words that describe the Season 4 Rocket League 3v3 Finals held by ‘Throwdown’ esports. This had the top 16 teams in the Oceanic region compete with each other for a chance to transition into League-play and potentially reach the global ‘Rocket League Championship Series’.  With stakes so high and dreams even higher, teams not only faced against each other also with the piling pressure that comes with such an atmosphere - one of which were our own team where they made their first debut as part of ‘Lynx’.


They faced ‘Cl4rity eSports Club’ in their first match, defeating them 3 to 1 with superb combinations and goals. We were given our first taste to the solid teamwork and strategy possessed by Lynx which lead to many well-deserved goals. This included bouncing the ball above the goal only to send it straight in with another car. Their skills were not limited to teamwork however as they showed excellent micro-prowess; dribbles by Sammy which bypassed many opponents that challenged him; long ranged shots by Delusion that seemed to be magnetised with the goal; perfect setups by Snares which resulted in mouth-widening plays. Lynx completely dominated the series.


Next up in the Bracket were ‘Outlaws’ who lost against the undefeated Legacy team 0 to 3. Our team kept going strong taking the first match against their experienced roster but were only able to score a single goal. It was clear that this opponent was going to be much more difficult than the previous one. We experienced two close defeats following our win, missing numerous close shots and dropping a goal in both. After such frustrating losses, our Rocket League team demonstrated their perseverance, taking the time to “cool off and focus on what we need to win” as mentioned by Sammy, the team captain. This understanding that the “more we stress the less we concentrate” resulted in two decisive wins, subsequently ending off the series in a 3 to 2 victory against ‘Outlaws’.  


The team had their heads up high for their next opponent ‘Noizee isn't toxic’, the last of which they had to beat in order to transition into League-play. We took the first game easily, possessing the momentum all game and demonstrating a much stronger team play than our opponents. The pace of the games slowed down during the next round however which we lost due to the powerful mechanics of the player Outlast who juggled the ball right into our goal from the air. After pouncing back with another victory in the third match the pressure of being in match point got to the team. Sammy addresses this, admitting “yeah the pressure really got to delusion in particular in the last couple of games, he wasn’t committing as hard when we needed to and that put us off, the other team took advantage of that”. These nerves also affected the other two players of the team resulting in numerous close-but-missed shots which would constantly bounce off the crossbar or post, something that earned the name “The Lynx Curse” by casters.


Falling 2 to 3 against ‘Noizee isn't toxic’ was painful but not enough to bring our boys down as they “try [their] hardest in the vapour league on monday” and “build up [their] synergy and surpass our previous efforts”. As demonstrated in the ‘Outlaws’ series, they will bounce back from their losses and improve significantly during the coming months - hopes high for a better placing next time. GG

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

LX Fenrir

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